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Nemo Designs is one of those places where our visitors don’t even want to leave. We have spent the past few years building our Business to be recognised by national brands as well as being a leading brand in our local area. We have countless cases of client success from helping start-ups bring themselves online, to deploying the latest technology on premise at major televised events. If its tech, Nemo has probably done it already.

We cater for clients of all shapes and sizes with all kinds of budgets, creating them their very own tailored solution to their requirements. Boasting SLA Driven services.

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Strong Arm UK

The Computer Range from Nemo

Its common place to deal with Businesses overseas and whilst we naturally understand the benefits of companies selling you services and products that cost them less, we do not believe in it.

This is why every Strong Arm PC & Server is assembled in the UK, our support and help desk is also UK based offering you friendly local service no matter how you deal with us.

Click below to take a look now at our New Website show casing computers from the Strong Arm Range, If you are an existing customer of Nemo then look out for some incredible discounts in your client portal.

Website Design

We love websites, from small, simple, cost-effective promotional websites, to big, feature rich online corporate standard builds. We strive to combine outstanding web and technical development skills complimented by incredible pricing.

Our approach is to make great web design accessible to everyone, every single piece of work which graces the office of Nemo is designed and built in-house and is guaranteed to be bespoke. Our stamp is then placed on each site to symbolise our proudness in creating your online brand.

Whether you're starting a website from scratch or redesigning an existing site, having a plan will ensure we build an effective website that meets your business objectives and goals.

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Want to be Social ?

At Nemo we provide you with a range of services that will bring you the best social media and SEO possible. Our account managers will create and design unique social media pages and SEO that will build your businesses audience and increase brand awareness.

Some businesses don't believe that SEO and social media will help them achieve their business objectives, others believe that they can spend their money on something 'better' however we can assure you that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media sites help your business in many ways. You can get extra site traffic, potential business and you can raise your brand awareness all through a couple of simple pages and keywords.

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cPanel Web Hosting

A shiny new offering to go alongside your new or existing website, deals and other new services. Our brand new hosting package, the all-in-one is a start-up service for people looking to expand their business or even get it started from scratch.

With a lot of our competitors it can be costly to get your site hosted and online, having to go through each process, buying the domain sorting out the right hosting for you etc. can be a time-consuming process. However with our new all-in-one package this eradicates any difficulty involved in this process.

Our price promise is to guarantee to knock at least 25% off any like-for-like quote! We have a brand new Tier 3 Standard 10 rack facility in place along with diverse fibre feed's backup power supplies and a fully functioning UK-Noc Infrastructure you would expect from the big boys in our Industry.

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More than Web...

Graphic Design services that help your brand stand out.

Offering all manners of graphic design, Nemo specialises in Building brands not just in the digital world. We offer a comprehensive range of services for design for print as well as promotional branding and Social Media Branding packages.

We understand the need for creating an effective message whilst preserving the qualities of generating true brand awareness engaging with our target audience. Whether you are a start-up looking for brochure design and literature or looking for professional consultation services to help you launch your brand we will deliver on your requirement.

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The Nemo Studio

We are proud of being a small but productive agency, creating on average over 10 websites per month for our clients, the Nemo Agency works to the latest standards in HTML and CSS as well as Javascript and PHP. Our standards in code match that of our abilities in Design. With a track record of over 600 websites developed in 13 countries, Nemo is the brand to choose, whether you are a small creative agency looking for a development partner, or a corporate brand looking for a ‘above average’ solution.

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Dedicated Servers

Nemo offers a range of dedicated Servers and specialises in offering bespoke solutions for clients. We purposely require an overview of the clients need and tailor a solution for the client. We all guarantee to beat any competitors quotation for dedicated servers.

We work specifically with Dell Hardware and our in-house data centre offers some “bang for buck” with Diverse Fed Internet, Redundant Power and off-site back-ups at our Secondary Site. Nemo is also proud to offer multi-redundant DNS with up to 5DNS Servers available for high traffic websites.

If you would like a bespoke proposal on your Businesses Hosting needs, then please contact us.

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